Maize Hybrid

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Maize Hybrid

Over the past number of years Shines Agri have identified a number of seed Hybrids best suited to growing under film in Ireland.

Independent research has demonstrated that the Samco system provides the potential for significant yield increases and/ or earlier harvest date in the maize crop. Such effects have been shown to be particularly valuable in marginal areas or seasons with low levels of accumulated heat. The micro climate created by the film increases the ability of the seedling to survive during cold periods where in the open it would die. This in turn helps achieve a high maize plant population and is crucial  to achieving maximum silage yields.


They include:

. Early maturity
. High percentage starch yield
. Suitable for late sowing

. Early maturity
. Ideal for marginal sites
. High Starch

. Similar Dry Matter to Justina
. Two weeks earlier harvest than Justina
. Super cob fill out

. Tall growing Hybrid
. Early to mature under film
. Great dry matter yields

. Shines Agri biggest seller in 2016
. Obvious replacement for Justina
. Good balance of starch and dry matter yields

. New but very promising
. Intermediate maturity
. 10% higher dry matter yield than Justina

. Consistent all year round yielder
. Between Justina and Benicia on maturity
. Resistance against lodging

. Very tall,large stature
. Very dry high matter yields
. Excellent early vigour

. Very late maturity
. A favourite for many years
. Unbeatable if full maturity can be achieved