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Dairy Farming

A rising global milk demand coupled with the abolition of milk quotas in 2016 has brought about freshness to dairy farming in 2017. No longer are dairy farmers restricted in output from quota but from land instead. It is therefore paramount that as an industry we adopt new approached to achieve these goals.

Over the past number of years Department of Agriculture trials show that on average we can achieve 18.6tons of DM per Ha when growing Maize. Maize therefore has the ability to out yield any grass based system of farming on a DM ton per Ha basis. As farms grow and become more fragmented a greater need to feed supplements such as buffer fed Maize mixed with grass become apparent. These far away fragmented parcels of land are ideal for growing Maize due to the crop only being cut once during the season.


  • Reduced condition score after calving
  • Increased milk yield
  • Increased milk solids
  • Reduced meal bills
  • Ideal for fragmental farms
  • Dryer cubicle beds